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We are“DAR” a Charitable Association. Behind this name there is an initiative group of people who would like to make the world a better place, offering their work, on the basis of your support.

     There are plenty of breaches in one or another social aspect of our life and we try to patch them. We use our professional knowledge and skills for this purpose, and we involve people of different professions who want to help us. they can be psychologists, teachers, artists, authors and many others — it is only a matter of willingness to help and be able to apply a particular skill.

     We want not only to help people in difficult situations, but also to remind them that life can be hard for everyone. Spending holidays at the seaside or visiting an exhibition with a sick child can also be very important. This is the experience that gives meaning to this life and gives power to go on.

We exist officially since November 25th , 2016, although our real activity began in 2015. During this period we have learned to work with teenagers. We have helped them not only to choose a profession, but also to live on through such a difficult stage. The project functions in several cities. We organized visits for eight families to Spain, who brought their children to have surgery or other treatment. From now on parents, whose children need to have medical treatment in Spain, do not stay all alone with everyday problems and harmful emotions: we are ready to give them all our support.

Any caring person is welcome to become a part of our project.

Companies can become a member of our Association and we will offer them interesting projects. We do not expect any subsidies from companies, we help them reach new audiences, provide information about them in the media and create interesting offers and events for their existing and potential employees

If you are an individual, you can help us by placing our projects and distributing our posts or organizing fundraising on social networks. You can take part in DAR´s bidding, providing your goods, services or maybe some interesting souvenirs. We always welcome volunteers who want to participate in projects. For example, you can become a teacher of courses for our teenagers. In addition, we like to organize events, fairs and exhibitions for talented people. Are you interested in taking part? You are welcome to drop us a line.

Of course, you are always welcome to donate some amount of money. On this page you can learn more about what we do and support us financially.

If you do not see anything suitable for you— do not worry. You are the reason to expand the frameworks of our activities, please write to us telling us about yourself and your dreams and we will come up with something special for you personally..

If you are interested in getting acquainted and cooperating with us, please email us to: ok@asociaciondar.es, do not forget to mark “Yes, kindness” in the topic box. We will answer your request and look for points where your interests coincide.


Association "DAR" - a voluntary non-profit Association of people to create and support charitable, educational and cultural projects in Spain.


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